In The Eye Of The Beholder...

Welcome to the online production diary for the new Solitary-Experiments-album "In The Eye Of The Beholder!" Dennis, Michael and Steve will provide you with the latest news and insights into the album production on a regular basis.

++ 23.10.2009 "In The Eye Of The Beholder" hitting shops today!++

Finally: the new Solitary Experiments CD "In The Eye Of The Beholder" is hitting shops today! You can listen to it using the player below - to order, click on the cart symbol!

++ 22.10.2009 "Déjà Vu" Rehearsal!++

Der Countdown läuft! Ab morgen ist das neue Solitary-Experiments-Album "In The Eye Of The Beholder" endlich offiziell im Handel erhältlich. Um Euch die letzten Stunden Wartezeit noch etwas zu versüßen, haben wir hier noch einen kleinen Clip des Songs "Déjà Vu" aus einer nichtöffentlichen Probe vor ausgewähltem Publikum für die Gigs auf der Out Of Line Festival Tour für Euch:


++ 28.09.2009 Final Cover-Artwork and Track Listing!++

It is done! The final cover artwork and track listing are ready! The album will be released on October 23rd. 09 and you can preorder it on the "preorder" page!



Tracklist CD1: In The Eye Of The Beholder

01. Words Of Wisdom
02. Rise And Fall
03. Immortal (Album)
04. Road To Horizon
05. Darkness Falls
06. Dead And Gone
07. Point Of View
08. Déjà vu
09. Seele Bricht V2.0
10. Worst case scenario
11. A Rush Of Ecstasy
12. No Surrender

Tracklist CD 2: The Beauty Lies...

01. Rise and fall (Colony 5 RMX)
02. Immortal (Cephalgy RMX)
03. Point of view (Diskonnekted RMX)
04. Rise and fall (Final Illusion)
05. Immortal (Heimataerde RMX) 
06. Road To Horizon (Millimetric RMX)    
07. Darkness falls (PNE RMX)
08. Immortal (Miss Peppermint RMX)
09. Rise and fall (Sinessence/Suessenborn RMX)
10. Darkness falls (Controlled Collapse RMX)
11. Point of view (Leather Strip RMX) 
12. Rise and fall (ES23 RMX 1st)
13. Rise and fall (Pulse StateRMX 2nd)
14. Rise and fall (Reizstrom RMX 3rd)

++ 21.09.2009 Lyrics for A Rush Of Ecstasy cause a stir! ++

We have received a mysterious note from the SE HQ. It seems as though the lyrics for the final song are finally set down to paper, but something seems to have happened during the recording of the vocals. Just see for yourself. We will have the final cover artowork ready for you next week, plus the track listing. Click on the thumbnail to see the ominous photo:


++ 11.08.2009 Seele Bricht ++

It's about time for a new report from the Solitary-laboratory. You will probably be able to guess the title just by listening to Micha's keyboard lines.


++ 23.07.2009 Deeper ++

A red-hot and new view behnd the scenes in Solitary Experiments' studio. Watch Steve working on the effects in the song „Deeper!“

++ 16.07.2009 Immortal++

A Clip from the archives showing Dennis doing test vocals for the pre-release single "Immortal":

++ 08.07.2009 Road To Horizon++

We are back with a new studio report video clip, fresh out of the Solitary Experiments HQ. Micha provides you with an exclusive
insight into another track from the upcoming album and also plays you a tune:

++ 25.06.2009 Lyrics for Déjà Vu complete!++

Solitary Experiments have finished writing the lyrics for another new song. It is called "Déjà Vu" and the lads will record it in the studio this weekend. We will have a nice little report from the studio for you again next week. Until then, here's a little snapshot:


++ 20.06.2009 Recording "Darkness Falls"++

Check out Dennis recording vocals for the track "Darkness Falls" - (press "Play" on the player below to view the clip!)


++ 17.06.2009 "Immortal" - Impressions from the Set++

You can watch a fun slide show with some behind the scenes impressions from the filming of the video for "Immortal" in the player below (press the "Play"-button to commence playback)!

++ 16.06.2009 Studio-Impressions ++

Dennis has provided us with a little inside look into the Solitary Experiments studio. Click the thumbnails for a larger view.

studio01studio02studio03studio04 studio06

++ 15.06.2009 More Recording! ++

The lads from Solitary Experiments have recorded vocals for "Darkness Falls" over the weekend. A short video documenting the recordings will follow shortly!

++ 11.06.2009 Rise And Fall ++

Micha gives you some exclusive insights into his studio and into how he works on the tracks... you will be able to get an appetizer of the song "Rise And Fall" as well. For all those of you who always wanted to know how the lads are woring - here's your chance (press "play" on the player!)